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When trying new things and testing products or businesses, I try really hard not to compare them to their competitors (if I’m familiar with their competitors). But admittedly, that’s sometimes really hard not to do. Let me try both ways – first with no knowledge of the competition, and then a quick comparison.

The company I was asked to review was Swanson Health Products. In exchange for a $50 credit to use on anything I wanted on the website, I was asked to write a completely honest review of both the website and the products. If you are not familiar with Swanson Health Products, it is a website that carries thousands of different vitamins, supplements, food and beverage products, fitness formulas, etc.

On the website, I decided to buy a few “needed” items – items I use daily and was close to running out – as well as one or two new items I’d never tried before. I purchased: Amin.O Energy, Sunbutter, Pure Encapsulations B12 folate and Vitamin D, and Two Moms in the Raw blueberry granola bars.


The website is easy to use and they carry a ton of stuff! I was happy that the regular things I buy are all offered, and at very reasonable prices – usually cheaper than in the grocery store. Unfortunately shipping was not free, but it was only $4.99, and since my package was slightly heavy, I feel that that is a fair price for shipping. I ordered the products on a Friday and they didn’t arrive until the following Saturday – 8 days later. Call me impatient, or just spoiled with next day arrival from other websites, but that seemed like a long time. When it arrived, however, all products were in perfect shape and arrived unscathed.

Okay, now to a short comparison. I’ve mentioned before that I use Vitacost all the time. It is basically an exact competitor of Swanson Health Products as they carry the exact same products. The prices on both websites are about the same, however, Vitacost offers free shipping (on orders over $49, which I always spend) and it arrives no later than 2 days after ordering. For me, that’s important, because it saves me a little money and if I run out of something and need to restock ASAP, Vitacost gets it to me right away.

So…bottom line…I like the Swanson Health Products website and will order products from them in the future if I cannot find them on Vitacost, but if it’s something that I can get on Vitacost, that will be my first choice.

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  1. Steph October 8, 2015 at 11:14 am #

    Interesting. I hadn’t heard of Swanson, but I totally get your impatience. One of the best things about Vitacost is the fast shipping. Especially when you don’t realize you’re low on or out of something until the last minute. We’re too busy to wait 8 days for anything!

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