Product Review: AfterShokz Bluez 2S Wireless Headphones

Unless I’m with other people, I rarely ever workout without listening to something – whether it’s music on the ipod or a show on Netflix when I’m on the trainer. I will fully admit that when I’m working out solo, I get bored or lose focus if I don’t have something to listen to or watch. Plus, having a good show to watch on Netflix is actually great motivation to get up early in the morning to ride – I actually look forward to it.

A few weeks ago, AfterShokz sent me a pair of their Bluez 2S wireless headphones to try out, and having always wanted a pair of wireless headphones, I was excited to test them out.


The short version of the story: I will never go back to wire headphones, especially on the trainer!

The long version of the story: I never realized how much of a pain in the ass my wire headphones were until I tried these. This is my trainer set up on my back patio:

Now imagine having a wire running from your ears to the computer – they are very restricting and just long enough to work when in aero or resting on the handlebars, but not long enough to sit up completely straight on the bike. From the first time I put on the AfterShokz headphones, I suddenly felt free and unrestricted – liberated even. I could also get off the bike to refill my water without having to take the headphones off – bonus!

The unique thing about these headphones is that they don’t go in your ears or even sit over your ears. They sit right in front of your ears on the top of your cheekbones. This means that you can still hear ambient sound around you while still hearing the sound crystal clear from the headphones – perfect for running or biking outside when you still need to hear your surroundings to stay safe.


Here’s what AfterShokz says about the Bluez 2S:

AfterShokz  Bluez  2S  are  arguably  the  safest  and  most  comfortable  Bluetooth® headphones on the market, a feat achieved through a blend of patent pending bone conduction  technology  and  a  totally  open  ear  design.  A  set  of  bone  conduction transducers  rest  comfortably  in  front  of  the  ears,  transmitting  sound  through  the cheekbones  to  the  inner  ears  via  mini  vibrations,  which  bypasses  the  eardrums completely. With nothing ever in, on or covering the ears, users can expect maximum ambient sound awareness while listening to music, other audio or making/taking a call, and the lightweight and secure OpenFit™ ensures they wear as if they’re barely there—comfortable all day, every day.


The battery life of the Bluez 2S is about 6 hours of continuous play and 10 days standby, and pairing them with devices is super easy – I’ve paired them with 4 devices so far (phone, computer, Kindle, and ipod). You can also take (or make) phone calls using them, although I haven’t tried this yet, so I can’t speak to the microphone quality, but it’s a great feature to have!

I really like these headphones, and they are reasonably priced at $99 compared to other brands. So if you are in the market for some wireless Bluetooth headphones, these are definitely worth looking into.

While AfterShokz sent me these products for free to review, the opinions expressed here are solely my own and are my true, honest, opinions. 

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