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Training Update: Feb. 17 – Feb. 22

This was a strange, touch-and-go week for me. Monday and Tuesday felt great, but then after my run on Tuesday my foot was a little sore. I decided to do the smart thing and take a few days off, so I cross-trained Wednesday and Thursday. Right after my run and for the rest of the […]

Non-Sedentary, Non-Exercise Activity & the FitBit

I went to a conference at ASU last week called “Lifestyle as Medicine” which was all about getting away from pills and procedures and looking directly at diet and exercise as preventing or curing diseases, conditions, and how it can help in the aging process. One speaker and presentation that really hit home with me […]

Training Update: Feb. 3rd – Feb. 9th

I’m back! Hopefully for a long while this time! It felt so good to start running again this week. I ran for most of the week in the brand new Brooks Transcends and really loved them at first. They were so comfortable to wear around. And then after running in them in a few days, […]

Training Update: Jan. 27th – Feb. 2nd

Another week of cross-training, but I’m getting closer to being able to run! You’ll even see a short run/walk on my training log. Monday: Hot yoga Tuesday: 15 min bike, 60 min strength training Wednesday: Off Thursday: 70 min swim (3,400 meters) Friday: Hot yoga Saturday: 15 min run/walk, 60 min strength training Sunday: 60 min swim (~3,000 meters) Highlight of the […]