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Race Recap: Hood To Coast

I’m completely overwhelmed on where to start with this post. I could probably write 10 separate posts about my Hood to Coast experience, but I know I would lose you all, so I’ll keep it to just one (very long one). Back story for those who missed it: Three weeks before Hood to Coast, I saw a […]

Book Review: You Know You’re A Runner…

Earlier this month, Richard McChesney, the author of You Know You Are A Runner…, gave me a free copy of the pre-release PDF version of his new e-book. It is a humorous look at the world of running and the crazy quirks of us runners. It contains 40 illustrated captions of runners that all begin […]

I’m Running Hood to Coast!

I’m not one to pass up a fun opportunity. So when I saw a tweet on Twitter a few days ago about a Hood to Coast team needing a runner, I found myself immediately messaging the tweeter. Her team needed a female from out-of-town that runs an 8:00-8:15 minute mile. Since I meet all of […]

Oiselle Team 2013 – 2014

I am so excited and honored to announce that I was chosen to be a part of the Oiselle Team for another year!  I seriously cannot tell you all the impact that the Oiselle (pronounced wah-zell) community has had on my running, racing, and training – not so much physically, but more mentally. They have […]