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Do You Have Diastasis Recti (You May Not Realize That You Do)? Most Traditional Core Exercises Can Do You Harm.

This post is for all you mommy’s out there, and particularly the ones that might suffer from diastasis recti, or a vertical gap between your ab muscles. You see, I developed diastasis recti during my second pregnancy and I never really knew that it was there. Now that I know it’s there, I think it’s […]

Product Review: Koss FitClip Headphones

I feel like I am constantly cycling through running headphones. I’ve tried a lot – some bad, some decent, and some that are better but too expensive. Sometimes I feel like Goldilocks – always trying to find that pair that are just perfect (i.e. fit comfortably, sound good, and are affordable). So when Koss offered […]

Game Changer

The alternative title for this post is: If you don’t like one doctor, shop around! I’ve been pretty vocal lately about my frustration re: my scoliosis and the fact that I believe it causes most of my running injuries. The right side of my lower back is weaker as a result of it, and because […]

A Comeback with Multiple Injuries

When I saw my doctor a few weeks ago for the results of my MRI, he told me I had the paroneal tendonitis with a split tear, but he said nothing about any other injuries. So when I was still having pain throughout my entire foot, and particularly my arch, I was a little confused. […]