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Book Review: The New Rules of Marathon and Half Marathon Nutrition by Matt Fitzgerald

I don’t think I’ve ever read a nutrition book cover-to-cover. I find that they are typically too simple and dummied-down (thus boring) or too scientific and academic (thus reading like a textbook). Nutrition is a topic that I am very interested and passionate about, though, so I have tried picking up many, many nutrition books, […]

Addressing the Weaknesses

Nearly every runner has weaknesses, especially if they don’t cross-train or spend a significant amount of time doing strength exercises. The key is knowing what those weaknesses are and incorporating a strength routine into one’s training to prevent injuries and become a stronger, faster runner. Because of my scoliosis, my whole body is imbalanced. I’ve […]

Rogue Runner Winners

Using, the two winners of the free race entries to the Rogue Runner 10K are Megan and Stacey! Ladies, please e-mail me at ashley [at] sherunsstrong [dot] com and I’ll get you in touch with the Rogue Runner peeps. No related posts.

Nuun! And a Thank You

I started using Nuun for all of my hydration needs about a year ago, and it’s one of the best changes I’ve ever made. Other sports drinks are super sweet, packed with sugar, and don’t always agree with my stomach, especially on a run. Enter Nuun – the little electrolyte tablet that has about 5 […]