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September Miles Madness: Week 3 Update

It’s three weeks into the September Miles Madness challenge and Team Ashley is still rockin’ it! We still have several people who haven’t reported their miles for the week (if this is you, PLEASE e-mail me your mileage), but right now we have a total of 562 miles for week 3 and 1827.4 miles overall. […]

September Miles Madness: Week 2

Team Ashley is on fire! You guys are so awesome. Together, we ran a total of 669.6 miles this week, bringing our grand total to 1259.4 miles. This is the distance from Phoenix to Des Moines, Iowa! That’s half-way to New York City, guys. Do you think we can make it all the way to […]

Clean Detox: Almost 1 Week Down

When we were in Seattle over the summer, my husband and I drank every night for a month straight. For someone who drinks a glass of wine 2 or 3 nights per week, this was a lot. So we both decided that when we got back into Phoenix and resumed our normal routine, we would […]

The Difference Between Running Safely Through Injury And Taking Time Off

First of all, I want to thank everyone that has joined Team Ashley so far for September Miles Madness! Anyone can join at any time during the month, so keep spreading the word and recruiting your friends! We’ve got more awesome prizes lined up, including something from my most favorite running company ever, and more […]