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Bod Pod Update

I wrote a post a few months ago about my first experience with the Bod Pod, a relatively new machine used for measuring body fat percentage. The first time I was tested, I felt that the results were inaccurate. My husband said I was in denial….I knew my body better. So a few weeks ago […]

Review: Brooks PureFlow Shoes

Running shoes are a hard thing to review. Everyone’s feet are different, so one person’s shoe preference is likely not the same for someone else. For example, I can’t wear Asics or Nike because they don’t fit my feet right. I am normally a Saucony girl – my shoe of choice for the past year […]

Can Fascial Stretch Therapy Make You Faster?

Last week I used a Groupon for a one-hour stretch therapy session at a local women’s fitness center. I will admit that I was a little skeptical at first – I mean, I can stretch on my own, so why would I need someone else to help me stretch? I had the choice of using […]