Archive | June, 2011

Race Recap: Seattle Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon

A few weeks ago I decided that, since we were going to be in Seattle anyway, I wanted to do the Seattle Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon. Last year I did the full marathon and was very impressed with the race. I also PR-ed at the full last year, so my memory of the race […]

Hills: What’s Your Excuse?

About six years ago, before I had my first baby and had all the time in the world, I made it my mission to run a local two-hour mountain trail every Saturday morning during the summer. Besides the memory of it being very hot, a smile comes to my face when I think back on […]

Ashley’s Training Update and Progress

I thought I would take a break today from all of the more informative and formal blog posts and write about my own running progress. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m training for the Chicago marathon and am now about 6 weeks into training. I started out very slowly and cautiously since I was bouncing back […]

Melissa’s Update: Weeks 8-9

Today’s post comes from guest blogger, Melissa. Here, in her own words, is an update on the past two weeks of training with Ashley.  Well if you’ve been reading along on my journey, then you know it’s been a struggle.  It hasn’t been pretty.  Between aches, pains, sickness, exhaustion and getting acquainted with how to […]