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Gym Etiquette

The other day while I was at the gym for a spin class, I had a few minutes to spare before class started, so I hopped on the treadmill. I had been running for about 5 minutes when someone hopped on the treadmill directly next to me. Now, had the gym been packed, I would […]

Melissa’s Update: Week 3

Today’s post comes from our guest blogger, Melissa. Here, in her own words, is a recap of her third week of training.  Week 3 of Project Speed – probably should just be titled “Project Try to Get Back into Running” since working on speed seems light years away.  This week coincided with Injury Prevention as […]

Race Day Tips

Racing season is upon us, and if you are a new runner or are entering your first race, I know your head is probably filled with questions and anticipation about what to expect on race day. Here are a few tips to help ease your anxiety. 1. Do not try anything new the day of […]

Book Review: Barefoot Running by Michael Sandler

After I bought my Vibram FiveFingers, I was a little lost on how exactly to get started with barefoot running. The clerk at the running store gave me some good advise and told me to ease into them very slowly, which all made perfect sense at the time. When I got home, however, my head […]

Melissa’s Update: Week 2

Today’s post comes from our guest blogger, Melissa. Here, in her own words, is a recap of her second week. It’s Sunday night – I have procrastinated as long as I possibly can for this blogpost. I want so badly for some slight bit of inspiration to help me spring into my writing zone and […]

Women’s Running Magazine

I am so honored to be featured in the May/June issue of Women’s Running Magazine. Below is an image of the article – hopefully you are able to read the text. If not, you can find the magazine at your local book store, running store, or perhaps grocery store. I am one of four women […]

The Help Run

Arthur Lydiard was a New Zealand runner and coach who is often hailed as one of the most outstanding athletics coaches of all time. He is credited with popularizing the sport of running and making it commonplace across the sporting world. His training methods are based on a strong endurance base and periodization, which is […]